Choose the ideal bicycle

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Rolling is becoming more fashionable all over the world and one of the reasons is because it has numerous benefits such as: burn calories, tone the muscles of the legs, strengthen the lower back, strengthen the knees, improve the vascular and immune system, etc.

If you are about to buy a bicycle and do not know which one, here we will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is: Why and where are you going to use it?

Depending on the terrain, the use or simply the design.

Below we give you a brief explanation about the different types of bicycle that exist and their uses:

  1. Mountain bike

    Mountain bikes (also known as MTBs) are made to ride on mountainous trails, slopes and uneven roads, so they are quite resistant and support the weight well. They are equipped with wide tires with marked drawings to improve grip on loose terrain. Regularly use straight or double height handlebars.

  2. Road bike

    If you are looking for a bicycle for the city, road bikes are a good option. They are bicycles designed for paved roads, lighter and for traveling on flat surfaces, they do not support much weight, they have large, thin wheels with smooth drawings. The route bikes use drop-bar handles to achieve a more aerodynamic posture.

  3. Hybrid bicycles

    These bikes are very versatile, as they combine characteristics of mountain bikes and road bikes. They are a perfect option if you do cycling as a hobby, but you want to have the flexibility to be used in different terrains. The frames are resistant and with a geometry that allows to adopt a comfortable position that allows to relax the arms and the neck.

  4. Urban bicycle

    They are also called Dutch (Dutch style) and are made for the city. They are not very fast but they are quite solid, both in their frame and in their wheels. Bumps and wet roads are not a problem for this type of bicycle. They usually have baskets, lights, fenders, etc. These bicycles allow a relaxed position of torso and arms.

    So, if you are looking to buy a city bike, the dutch, or urban, is what you need.

  5. Cruise-type bicycle

    This type of bicycles are designed for short distances and preferably on pavement. Its characteristic geometry and handle allow a very relaxed posture. These bicycles are usually heavy and use wide tires, which makes them inefficient in journeys of more than 10km. Normally they have a single speed although some manufacturers have models with three speeds. The other characteristic common in the cruiser are the contrapedal brakes.

    We hope that with this we have clarified your doubts. Enjoy your bike and get rolling!